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Here is the text from the Mar - May 2021 - February 2021  Newsletter Published here with permission of the Parish Council.



March 2021 - May 2021

Issue no. 168

Top photo by Garry Griffin



Well what a year 2020 was! For us here in Brize Norton, December was a tale of two halves. The highlight for the children of the Primary School and Pre-school was a visit from Father Christmas who helicoptered in from the North Pole and landed on the Recreation ground. Luckily, the weather was kind to us with a beautiful sunny day, so much so, that Father Christmas needed his sunglasses!

The last week of the month ended on a not so happy note with the south end of the village in particular suffering with flooding that lasted through until January. I would like to thank Cllr Keith Glazier for all his hard work keeping in touch with the families affected and liaising with WODC, OCC, Thames Water and the Environmental Agency. Please see the article later on as to how to report any flooding.

  Since the last Newsletter, Gigaclear has completed laying its fibre optic cables down Station Road and into the Cul-de-Sacs and Closes, finishing nearly a week ahead of schedule. They have also reinstated the grass verges and sown grass seed. However, it was not without a few challenges along the way! The first night of the road closure saw an articulated lorry having to complete a multi-turn into Chestnut Close having ignored the road closure sign from the Bampton end of the village. The most astounding sight, and the most dangerous, was cars caught driving down the pavement. I would like to see the insurance claim of one driver who scraped the side of their car on the lamp-post outside my house!

Last quarter I reported that The Parish Council had applied to Historic England to make the War Memorial a ‘Grade 2 listed structure’. The paperwork is about to be submitted to the Secretary of State and we hope that our application will be successful.



Photo by Poly Innes

With Spring just around the corner (I have seen the first snowdrops and crocus in my own garden), I look forward to seeing the daffodils come through in the recreation ground that were planted back in the Autumn.




Photo by Alison Risely

I hope that by the time of my next report, we will be coming out of this Lockdown with new hope and invigoration. Hopefully, we will be able to think about being able to re-unite with our loved ones and planning ahead, be it a wedding, a holiday or cele-brating with a belated party. Perhaps we will even be able to have our Village Bash this year? Whatever the next three months brings, continue to remain mindful of those around you and stay safe.

Wendy Way



It is extremely disappointing to report that dog fouling has increased since our December Newsletter, particularly on Station Road and Burford Road.

It is bad enough when owners do not pick up after their dogs when they have defecated on the grassed areas. However, we now have the deplorable situation where some dog owners walking through our village are allowing their dogs to defecate on the footways and not bothering to clean the mess up, leaving it for children and adults to step in!
The attached image shows the mess left by one dog owner between midday and 4pm on Sunday 14th February.

I can only repeat the statement made by our WODC Cabinet Member for the Environment who stated that this is "disgusting and irresponsible behaviour of some dog owners".

Information on the WODC web site also states:

  • Dog faeces carry many germs that can cause illness and in extreme cases could result in blindness.

It is both offensive to smell and to look at, and is extremely unpleasant to step in

To assist the Environmental Team in locating the "hot spots" in our village and potentially legal action against offenders, could I please request that our Community report where dog fouling has occurred by using the following link.


On this site, you will find a simple form to complete which does not require an image to be uploaded. Alternatively, please contact WODC customer services on 01993 861000 who will pass your information onto the ERS team for investigation.

If you see dog mess that is offensive to you, please do not assume that someone else will report it, report it yourself!

By the time you have received this Newsletter, the Parish Council will have put up a further 40 ‘CLEAN IT UP’ signs throughout the village.


To end on a positive note, I would like to thank the vast majority of responsible dog owners who are clearing up after their dogs (some of whom are clearing up other owner's dog mess! making the pavements, grassed areas, and field footpaths a more enjoyable and safer place to walk.

I would ask that all dog owners act responsibly and respect our Community and Village.

Thank you.

Les Goble



Now more of us are taking our daily exercise closer to home, we are noticing more of the environment around us. The good things being the nature, the wildlife, the flora and fauna. The bad things being the additional litter and, unfortunately as we report in each newslet-ter, dog fouling. We all need to take responsibility in order to keep our village neat and tidy by ensuring that we pick up any litter that we drop, and dog owners pick up after their own dogs. There are plenty of bins around the village; the normal rubbish bins can also be used for dog bags as well.

West Oxfordshire District Council is saying that they are getting lots of reports of over-flowing bins and ask that if you see one then to please take your rubbish and dog waste home with you and report it to them using the form that can be found by typing in the link below into your browser. You can also report any dog mess you see on the pavement and grass verges using the same form.




Potholes, broken street lighting, faulty traffic lights and loose paving and weeds on the pavements are the responsibility of Oxfordshire County Coun-cil and can be reported directly and quickly via the Fix My Street website.

If you notice a public drain is blocked by leaves, please report it to Oxfordshire County Council.

West Oxfordshire District Council is responsible for cleaning roads, pave-ments and council-owned land. They are not responsible for street cleaning on private or unadopted roads, town or parish council land or road verges outside the 30mph zone.



Thames Water is urging its customers to help reduce the risk of sewer blockages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is reminding people not to flush wet wipes or kitchen roll down their toilets if they're using them instead of toilet paper or simply want to get rid of used cleaning products from their homes. Instead, they should be thrown in the bin.

Many shoppers have been bulk buying toilet roll a result of the pandemic, meaning others are struggling to get hold of what they need.

Wipes, along with other "unflushables like nappies and sanitary products, don't break down in pipes like toilet paper and can combine with fats, oils and grease to create fatbergs: huge, solid masses which are difficult to clear and can cause raw sewage to build up and flood homes, businesses and the environment.

With the company, like all businesses, facing the potential for an increase in staff absence in the coming weeks, Thames Water has asked customers to help lighten the workload by being careful what they flush.

Matt Rimmer, Thames Water's head of waste networks, said: We're carefully plan-ning how we can continue to provide an essential public service and while we en-courage everyone to practice good hygiene to protect against COVID-19, wet wipes and kitchen roll can be hugely damaging to our sewers and our customers can really help us by not flushing them down the toilet. This will reduce the number of blockages and the risk of flooding to homes, businesses and the environment during what is likely to be a difficult time for many peo-ple.

Fatbergs grow slowly so it's hard to say if coronavirus has had an impact on our sewers at this stage but, as always, we'd urge everyone to only flush the 3Ps – pee, poo and paper – to help avoid problems in the future."

On average, Thames Water spends £18 million every year clearing 75,000 blockages from its sewers, unclogging five house blockages and removing 30 tonnes of materi-al from just one of its sewage treatment works every day.

A water company in Australia also recently urged its customers not to flush wet wipes after a 14-tonne fatberg was removed from a sewage works in Morpeth, New South Wales.

For more information on how to help protect the sewer network visit www.thameswater.co.uk/be-water-smart/Bin-it





I have just looked back at the last parish newsletter article I wrote, and I was so happy to have all the children back in. How long ago that seems now!

The Autumn term was great. All the children were back, we quickly got used to the new "bubble" system and how to keep each other safe, and it was lovely to see the children in school, happily learning with their friends. We found that most children were behind where they should be in their learning, but after a Herculean effort from staff and children they were almost all back on track by the time they finished for Christmas. We also had some fun times, especially in the run-up to Christmas itself. Father Christmas could not join us all in the hall as usual so he landed on the field in a helicopter before distributing presents outside!

The other massive achievement of the Autumn term was the opening of our new classroom. You will have seen it from the Rec; it is the largest classroom in the school and already looks as though it has been there for years. We now have a new, comfortable place for one class to learn in, and a little more breathing-space in the rest of the school too. It guarantees that we can have the same class arrangement each year, with 20 children in each year group and no more than 30 in each class; it also secures the school's financial future, as the extra places mean extra money to counteract the years of cuts we have suffered. Thank you hugely to everyone involved in the project, especially our governor Alex Skym, the Parish Council, the School Association and Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust.

However, here we are, partially locked down again. As I write, we have about 35% of children in each day, significantly more than the national average; there are large numbers of critical workers in our catchment area. This presents its own challenges, ensuring that those in school and at home have equal quality education. It has been great for the staff IT skills: we have all become really good at teaching via video link! I have been really impressed at the efforts the children, parents and staff are going to. It is hard for us as it is for so many people, but I am confident that the learning loss will be less than last time. I am also confident that as we helped the children catch up before, so we can do it again. We are simply waiting until the country is safe enough that we can all be back together again, and I am sure it will be soon.

  Anna Fairhurst (Headteacher)


BNSA had a wonderful fundraising term September to Decem-ber. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, donated, and championed our cause. The Krispy Kreme Doughnut sale, Hal-loween fancy dress and pumpkin carving, and Smarties challenge were all incredibly popular and lots of fun.

As well as contributing towards the new classroom, we have been able to give the children Halloween treat bags, Diwali gifts, new books, a pizza party (for winning the smartie challenge), whole school Advent Calendar, a virtual pantomime, and not without giving a mention to Santa gifts!

Thank you to Rachel Williams and Dave Golding for arranging for Santa to visit via helicopter curtesy of Excel Helicopters. It was great for the children at Brize Norton Primary School, the preschool, and the big kids of the village having coffee at the humble bumble! 2020 and the winter term finished with a bang for sure.

This year has been off to a slow start due to going into the National Lockdown howev-er that is not stopping us. The BNSA committee is starting to think about the Brize Bash for this summer so keep an eye out for news coming as to when this will be along with the theme. If you would like to help arrange the bash no matter how small, please get in touch – the more the merrier!

In the meantime, there are some simple ways to continue supporting BNSA by signing up to Amazon Smile, Easy fundraising and joining our school lottery.

Carole Stevens, BNSA Chair



Gigaclear has now installed fibre optic cables to every property in our village (FTTP) and hope to get the main access cabinet which supplies the southern and central are-as, live by mid to end of March, with some properties live and ready to order Fibre Op-tic Broadband shortly afterwards. When a more accurate 'go live' date can be con-firmed, they will arrange an 'Online Community Event' around that time where Domi-nic Hones (our Community Engagement Manager), their Project Manager and Sales Team can talk through the Gigaclear services and answer any questions residents may have.



As you are all aware, the heavy rainfall experienced in the Parish recently, resulted in flooding in some areas. It is particularly important that the West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC), Principal Flood Engineer, Laurence King, is made aware of instances where properties are flooded. If residents experience flooding to their property, please contact Laurence directly via this email address


Residents need to report these instances to validate the flooding and provide vital de-tails for analysis. Please include details such as:

1. Your Address.

2. Date and time of flooding.

3. Duration and depth of flooding.

4. Source of flooding (if known).

5. Whether you have flood insurance.

Your personal information is not put into the public domain without prior consent.


Whilst writing this, Bloor Homes has begun work on constructing the new foot/cycle path between Burford Road and the North West corner of Brize Meadow and the work is well underway with the groundworks for the first phase of the new Country Park extension.

I am pleased to report that the two Toucan Crossings on Monahan Way are now in operation which will make the crossing of this road



The Parish Council has been advised of an upcoming road closure on Minster Road which will commence on 8th April 2021 with an anticipated completion date on 13th April 2021. The road will be closed for a maximum of five days between 05:00hrs to 20:00hrs.


In 2021 we are looking forward to being able to welcome family and friends of those wishing to hold special events such as marriages and baptisms at the church. We will have to be mindful of any regulations in place at the time regarding numbers attending but if you want to plan your special ceremony at St Britius please contact Rev Ian Howard (07867784693 or e-mail ian.barry.howard@gmail.com) re: marriages or the Lay Minister Lyndsay Baker (e-mail lyndsey.baker@btinternet.com) for baptisms.

At this time of the year, we say thank you to everyone who has renewed their member-ship of the Friends and supported us over the last year. If you are not already a member please consider joining – we ask for a minimum donation of £10 and you will receive a newsletter to keep you up to date with our future projects. For more details Please con-tact Phil – 843856.

In previous years St John's Messy Church Team have held an Easter Workshop of activities but as this cannot be run as an indoor event this year we are helping them to send activities out to families in bags on Easter Saturday. If you would like your family to be included in this initiative please contact Carolyn 07786 405341.

Like you, we would all like to get out of Lockdown and get back to Church as soon as possible! However, we all agree that it needs to be done safely The following plan for Eastertide has been drawn up by the Ministry Team and wardens of both Churches - God willing and COVID permitting! We would welcome you to join us for the following events and special services at St Britius: Our Celebration of Easter starts on

Palm Sunday 28th March with the 9.15am family friendly, all-age service and then continues as follows:
Good Friday 2nd April Tenebrae service of reflection and prayer at 4pm

Easter Day 4th April Holy Communion at 9.15 am.


To make everything as safe as possible when attending these services we are asking peo-ple to book places. To reserve a place to attend the services please contact Carolyn by e-mail (cpeach.uk@btinternet.com) or phone/text 07786 405341. We continue to make sure that everything is as safe as possible and we ask that for your safety and for that of others you note the following arrangements we have put in place:

  • please wear a face covering please use the automatic hand sanitiser in the porch on your way in
  • please follow the guidance on the pews where you may sit. They have been marked to maintain a 2 metre distance from those not in your household.

We are following guidance issued by the Church of England and Holy Communion is available in bread only (you are welcome to bring your own piece of bread if you prefer) and we are also not able to sing hymns or responses.

Sunday services will be live streamed from St John's at 10.30am each Sunday, including material recorded at St Britius. This streaming will be via both Zoom and Facebook watch party. The link to the Zoom meeting will be posted on the Facebook pages of St John's Carterton and Friends of St Britius as well as on the St John's website:


If you have not got access to the internet, but would like to listen to the service via a telephone line, please contact Rev. Ian Howard or Rev. Drew Tweedy, who will let you know how you can do that. Alternatively, a national FREE 24 hour phoneline 'Daily Hope' offers music, prayers and reflections 0800 804 8044.

Information regarding services will be posted on the church noticeboard or can be found at www.bncommunity.htm/bnchurch.htm.

If you have any queries or need help and support then please do contact a member of the team:

Rector: Rev. Drew Tweedy 07393 182093 revdrew61@gmail.com

Team Vicar: Rev. Ian Howard 07867 784693 ian.barry.howard@gmail.com

Churchwarden: Dr Phil Holmes 01993 843856 p.holmes@brizenorton.org



Do you follow us on Social Media? Keep up-to-date through photos, history, information, questions and events. Join us:






We had our first snow fall at the end of January and here are a few photos captured by residents.


Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo. Unfortunately there was not room to include them all.

Click on the image to enlarge


Photo by Garry Griffin Photos by Garry Griffin Photo by Garry Griffin

Photo by Garry Griffin Photo by Carla Timms Photo by Polly Innes

Photo by Polly Innes Photo b y Jo Cameron Photo by Wayne Eason


Photo by Carla Timms Photos by Jo Cameron Photos by Neil Cough.  Thanks to BN Ops for permission

Photo by Garry Griffin Photo by Carla Timms Photo by Jo Cameron

  Photo by Garry Griffin


I know how challenging 2020 was for all of us and that, in some ways, 2021 feels all too familiar. However, though we may be in lockdown now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. With three vaccines now approved for use in the UK, including our own lo-cal Oxford/AstraZeneca jab, we are now well on the way to vac-cinating our top four priority groups in record time. At the time of writing, over 10 million people have been vaccinated and this grows every day. This is a hugely significant achievement which is testament to the inspirational leadership that has been shown by local NHS organisations', GPs and health coordinators. This, along with longer days, lighter evenings and the beginning of a beautiful West Oxfordshire spring is sure to lift spirits in this challenging time.

I have seen the excellent work of everyone at our local vaccination hubs for myself. The professionalism and efficiency they are showing is proving everyone's dedication to this vital cause. I am also encouraged that so many people across West Oxon are taking up the vaccine when offered. It is this dedication and resolve which speaks to me in these challenging times and shows me that we will overcome this.

We are also once again seeing the huge outpouring of community spirit and good will that warmed us all in 2020. I would encourage everyone to check in on family, friends and neighbours, particularly those who may live alone, the vulnerable and those separated from their loved ones. Sometimes even just a phone call can do the world of good.

My team and I continue to work hard from home on your behalf and we remain accessible throughout lockdown. Please do not hesitate to get in touch at robert@robertcourts.co.uk if there is anything at all we can do.


Conservative District Councillor for Brize Norton and Shilton Ward —

Cllr Alex Postan—

P: 07885 135000 E: alexander@postan.plus.com


Conservative County Councillor for Burford and Carterton North East Division — Cllr Nicholas Field –Johnson

P: (01993) 878309

E: nick.fieldjohnson@oxfordshire.gov.uk



The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced the Government's roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions in England. The roadmap, which has now been published on gov.uk, outlines four steps for easing restrictions. Before proceeding to the next step, the Government will examine the data to assess the impact of previous steps.

This assessment will be based on four tests:

• The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.

• Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated.

• Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsus-tainable pressure on the NHS.

• Their assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern.


My first year living in Brize Norton has been a fantastic whirlwind, of not only setting up a new home on Brize Mead-ow but relishing being part of a wonderfully welcoming com-munity. It is incredible how much I've learned about commu-nity spirit in such a short amount of time, like how people re-ally want to help, not only during a National Pandemic but help in general and be there for one another.

Although we have lived in the local area since 2003, I have learned a lot about Brize Norton's history this past year, its previous residents such as the amazing Mary Ellis and the Men and Boys named on the War Memorial, who will never be forgotten. While I am in awe hearing about the Village and its history, I can't help but look to the future and where we are going as a community. Firstly, a 'connected' one, with the re-alisation of accessibility between Brize Village and Brize Meadow >bringing unity to the 'whole' of the newly expanded Brize Norton Village. Secondly, the exciting plans and future ideas for our community buildings, all designed with the community needs at the forefront.

Let us hope we can all celebrate together later this year at the Village Bash and that we are all talking about that, instead of the other overriding topic of conversation this past year!

Cllr Claire Stewart



Our village preschool remained open to all throughout lockdown helping to maintain a little sense of normality for our children. The children adapted so well to the changes put in place to keep them safe. A huge thank youto all the staff for their hard work, dedication and positive attitude throughout what has been a difficult and challenging few months.

As spring arrives preschool is busier than ever. The current academic year has been full since late September 2020 and we are now already full for the new intake in Sep-tember 2021. We are very much hoping that our "open afternoons" will go ahead in June this year as COVID restrictions begin to relax.

Why not come along on either the 11th or 18th June 1pm to 2.30pm and register early for September 2022 We already have children on the waiting list. If you would like to join us please email us at brizenortonpreschool@hotmail.co.uk or use the "contact us" page on our website. There is lots of information and a waiting list application on our website at www.brizenortonpreschool.co.uk

Preschool operates term>time only Monday to Thursday 9am to 3pm and Friday 9am to 12pm from the Elder Bank Hall.


Since the last Newsletter our glorious community has had the challenges of COVID Christmas followed by Lockdown... none of us can have found this easy. At Brize Nor-ton's community cafe we have tried to offer what the Neighbourhood Plan requested...

We have started collaboration with three local firms, to create a Community Space:

WasteO https://wast0.co.uk/ from Witney sells zero<-waste produce and goods-your local store!

Pobi Bakery https://www.pobibakery.com/ offers local artisan breads (currently for pre-order for Saturday collection)

FlowersYou'dLove https://m.facebook.com/FlowersYoudLove/ also offers beautiful, hand made bouquets for special occasions.

Post Office continues to open Tuesday & Thursday for all your needs.

Alongside these exciting village convenience store offerings, our own Humble Bumble Cafe continues to provide a haven of Take Away offerings for all those homelearners and home-workers.

We are Humbled and Grateful for the continued support our local community have offered in developing our old Pavilion into a Community Hub.

The excitement ahead will be in seeing the CrowdFunded Marquee being erected (post lockdown) for outside seating and cover, perfectly complementing the joy of spring & summer, where we can all enjoy our glorious recreation ground, moving beyond the trials and tribulations of COVID.

Your villages Humble Bumble Cafe opens Tuesday - Sunday 1000 - 1500hrs.

The Post Office opens Tuesdays & Thursdays 1000 - 1230hrs

Your Community WasteO Store opens Thursday & Saturday 10-2.




For once the Spring weather was favourable, apart from a long dry spell, which along with the "free" time offered by the pandemic meant most plots were well cultivated and produced above average crops, which would have enhanced the Horticultural show had the virus not curtailed it.

Selecting the "Best Kept Allotment" proved more difficult than normal but we decided

1st Charles Morgan

2nd Gordon Grant

3rd Simon Morris but well done to all.


However some plots are not being looked after and we intend to be more strict with these tenants in the future.

Thanks to Paul for fixing the leaky ball-valve and to those who cut the paths and surrounding areas, apart from which we have had no other problems other than some vandalism and the odd cow or two.

Fred Bellenger


Parish Council meetings are held on the first Monday of each month. Meetings are usually held in the Brize Norton Sports and Social Club, opposite the Elder Bank Hall. However, during COVID-19 they are being held on an online platform.

The next meetings are:

Monday 1st March 2021 at 7:30pm

Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 7:30pm

Monday 10th May 2021 at 7:30pm — Annual Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 7:30pm — Annual Parish Meeting COVID permitting.



If you wish to bring an item to the Council's attention at a meeting, please contact the Clerk at least one week prior to the meeting in order for the Council to discuss the matter brought before them.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings and should contact the Clerk before the meeting to state your interest and receive an invitation to join.



We have decided to remain closed until it is safe to mix as a group.


Best wishes to all our members



We are currently unable to organise the walks but hope to start again when it is safe to do so. For more information ring Joy on 01993 842373.


Due to the continued pandemic we shall not consider returning to dancing until it is safe to do so. If you require more information please ring Joy on 842373.



With the current climate sessions are FREE online Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat

Week days 18:30 to 19:00

Sat 09:00 to 09:30

Lunchtime sessions 12:00 to 12:30 every 3rd week

Contact Tom Wattleworth on 07892945060 or TW-FITNESS on Facebook



Friday 5th March 2020 is the World Day of Prayer and the service has been put together by the Christian women of Vanuatu, a South Pacific island. St John'>s Carterton are "hosting" the service this year which will be pre-recorded and available on St John's website and Facebook page from 7pm. Check the website www.stjohnschurchcarterton.org.uk for further information.





For enquiries please contact The Parish Clerk

Wendy Way - Chairman

Email: w.way@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 01993 841016

Responsibilities: Neighbourhood Plan, Website

Keith Glazier - Vice Chairman

Email: k.glazier@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Responsibilities: Allotments, Village Maintenance (incl grass cutting), Personnel, Water Management & Flood Prevention, Bampton & District Flood Prevention Group

Pip Squire - Councillor

Email: p.squire@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 01993 867666

Responsibilities: Bloor Homes, Finance & Banking, Legal & Policies, Planning

Ben Campion - Councillor

Email: b.campion@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 07795 192812

Responsibilities: Bloor Homes and Finance & Banking

Les Goble - Councillor

Email: l.goble@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 01993 841016

Responsibilities: Bloor Homes, Highways (incl Traffic & footpaths), Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Personnel

Chris Woodward - Councillor

Email: c.woodward@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 07585 703295

Responsibilities: Elder Bank Hall, Property Maintenance, Pavilion and Sports & Social Club

Claire Stewart - Councillor

Email: c.stewart@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 07816 845999

Responsibilities: Emergency Response Plan, Brize Meadow Representative, Communications – website & social media

Alison Riseley - Clerk

Email: clerk@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk

Tel: 01993 846648

Responsibilities: Newsletter, Personnel, Finance & Banking, Website




Monday 1st March 7:30pm Parish Council meeting

Friday 5th March 7:00pm World Day of Prayer (online)

Sunday 28th March 9:15am Palm Sunday Service


Friday 2nd April 4pm Good Friday Service

Sunday 4th April 9:15am Easter Sunday service

Monday 5th April 7:00pm Allotment holders meeting (TBC)

Tuesday 6th April 7:30pm Parish Council meeting


Monday 10th May 7:30pm Annual Parish Council meeting

Tuesday 18th May 7:30pm Annual Parish Meeting (COVID Permitting)


The Parish Council publish this newsletter, which is distributed around Brize Norton village at the beginning of March, June, September and December.

If you wish to submit an entry the deadlines are the

15th May 2021

15th August 2021 and

15th November 2021.







Organisation ContactTelephone No.


Brize Norton Parish CouncilAlison Riseley846648 clerk@brizenortonparishcouncil.co.uk
St Britius Church Rev Ian Howard (Team Vicar) 0786778469393 ian.barry.howard@gmail.com
Brize Norton Primary School Mrs Anna Fairhurst 842488 www.brizeprimary.org
School Governors Alistair Doran 077883214663 adoran@brize-norton.sch.co.uk
BNPS HSA Carole Stevens 07702422735 lbnsa fundraising@outlook.com
Football ClubSimon Cook 841096/07825 002298  
BN S&SC/Cricket ClubTim Gush846730 
Elder Bank HallDiane Davies843430 
Over 60'sJoy Douglas 842373  
Open GardensJean Butcher 841347 prbutcher@sky.com
Post 0ffice Sports Pavilion Tues & Thurs 9:30-12:30 pm  

Police (Witney)  10 am to 6 PM Monday to Friday (closed weekends)     101
NHS Helpline (24/7 urgent medical conditions)                                        111


The following table lists only the regular events.  There will be other bookings and readers should not assume that the hall is available without reference to Diane Davies (see below)

Pre-school (3-5 years) Mon - Fri9 am - 12 noon Jackie


Mon, Tues & Wed12.00 - 3 pm**
BrowniesMondays 6.00 - 7.30 pmBarbara Thorne 842013
West Oxfordshire Woodturning Assoc 1st Tuesday in the month David Spittles776036
Women's Institute2nd Tuesday in the month 7.30 - 10 pm Janet Albury-Simpson


Wednesday8.00 - 9.00 pm Steph Hill
Dancing ClubThursdays 7.30 - 9.30 pmJoy Douglas 842373
KarateFridays 6.00 - 7.00 pmPete Cowling 07794 363837
Judo ClubSaturdays 9.30 - 11.30 amJonathan Gerrans 01865 884339
TW Fitness
HIIT training
Mondays 7.45 pmTom Wattleworth 07892945006060

** Pre school opening hours  

The Hall is available for Private Hire Contact:- Diane Davies on 843430

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